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* All software written by PCS was developed here in the United States of America. We never outsource.

We have 25 years of experience with all kinds of data collection systems using barcodes and other media such as RFID. More important than just having experience, we build those systems we don't just re-sell other company's products. Our intimacy with the creation of each system coupled with working closely with customers, analyzing their needs, is what makes us experts.

We are also application and database tuning experts which means our applications are responsive. We specialize in SQL Server tuning and application troubleshooting.

Traverse ™ for example is our barcode asset / inventory tracking solution. You can track anything to which you can affix a barcode. Traverse is a browser based barcode tracking system that is easy to install, customizable, affordable, scalable, versatile, and powerful that you can host on premise or we can host for you in the cloud.
You can track Files and Documents or Medical Charts or Licenses. Track Equipment and Tools from job site to job site. Never lose a tool again. Track Evidence using bar codes. Every transaction is completely audited. Track Company Assets, all company assets, including IT, AV, furniture, software, licenses, anything you can imagine.

You can download it from this web site, install it and receive a thirty day free trial without ever making a phone call.
-- OR --
Call us and we'll walk you through it 201-278-8809.
-- OR --
We can set up an online session and do it for you on your hardware.

Click this link to schedule a live demo or installation

QuikVixBOL ™ is a "BOLT-ON" Utility to Print VICS Bill Of Lading. QuikVixBOL ™ is the easiest and most cost effective way to become VICS BOL compliant! It works on Windows, Unix, AS400, any system that can run JAVA. You pull the data out of your legacy systems or SAP. If you are shipping to JC Penney, Nordstrom, Bon-Ton, Federated, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes.... you probably need to be VICS BOL compliant.

ADERS ® is a barcode point of care, (BPOC), solution for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, or schools. It uses bar codes to guarantee the five rights. Drug, Patient, Dose, Time, Route of Administration. Empower your School Nurse! Use it at your School or University. Sometimes students need to keep medications at school. ADERS ® can help you track the medications and the administration of the medications.

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